Sorry no encores


  • Becoming a medical research pig again
  • Being studded to ugly Queens ever
  • Being responsible for everyone’s lives again


  • Free living
  • Anonymity
  • The right to cancel and choose

Enron scandal

Putting the equivalent of a bloo loo tablet in helped things along but they got all their water and pulled their stuff back completely pre-911. 

Hence ‘electric arc experiments’.


  1. Age of discovery: ten years, also getting used to the place again.
  2. Buffer: ten years, dipping in an out
  3. Ten + 7: joining my new crew

    I’ll spend the first ten getting ‘comfortable’ with VR sex though 😉

    Silicon valley

    A future spinning discus transforming into a boomerang will lead you to the virtual world where you live to eradicate the problem H’s from your chains. 

    After all you’ll always need to go back to being elemental now and then….