∝O, Ω

Until then…

…I’m fucking trapped in this hellhole, fucking garden view of the hole motherfucking drivers cabin of the world and that all makes me one lonely stressed out space boy.

∝O, π, Ω

The ships, the anchors, the origin

The SS Free:dom has a black hole at the centre, that black hole is anchored onto the hole recently perfectly formed in A. It is a new hole in this place so it needs a bit of support plus I get an anchor.

The power onboard The SS Free:dom is the action of water moving onboard but that is not connected to the clock.

The Clock.

Shuttle Pod has a power tube onboard and that is or is going to connect to the clock – this will be my anchor. This anchor is actually the one I was referring to before.

The Origin: RetriPhi/RetroPhi-t is where I am from. 


That fucking paki bitch drives me crazy man

Fucking fat fucking king Suleiman and her fucking Helpers man. Seriously can’t fucking wait to get that SkyPi phone and fuck with them all back. Hey how do you guys like the lights flickering like that?

Motherfucking insect fucks!

I’m not giving up my ~advantage yet!

∝O, Ω

Whilst I wait for my Chromebook to charge

Why not make the O2 devices something we can use? As I know I’m not alone when I say that I’m allergic to wristwatches for some reason 🤒

So how about a nice pocket watch? An O2 pocket watch? Just a watch though not a:

  1. Phone
  2. Tablet
  3. Mini PC
  4. Etc.