Relax it ain’t so bad

They’ll be that way more after my O2 release. The bringer of life days that is. For now though I’ve got it wrong, it literally sounded too loud. Must be the echo but I’m good to go my own way. Obviously with others I’ll be marching.


Yes that is why I ‘beam’ down twice

Once to move in from freedom and the second time to move into Chinny/O2. Interesting thing I’ll be in Oxygen to start with, then moving into O2. Hence I’ll need my life preserver – it’s more like a vest to my suit of armour. 


Landing soon: here’s what you need to know

In order for me to join them they must have a hook onto me. The only way to make that happen is to beam down from my pod into my zinc body. Then they can pick me up from there. 

Beaming into my zinc body would mean having my life preserver though which is exactly what I will be needing.


D & L myself outta here!

L which is my glutamine is counter clockwise and I used it to freeze myself and undo any damage whilst they settled down in going back in time.

D which is aspartic acid is clockwise and is what I’m doing now – moving forward towards the future.


Foot long

How long is a foot? Is it Zn 10″, D 11″, DDO 12″ and then ultimately 12.34″?

Always recurring?

I don’t know myself tbh.