Thank god I escaped with my life man

I don’t give a fuck about the money, the businesses or even the contact lists I had of the whole motherfucking universe. I don’t give a damn about missed opportunities, others disappointment or even bullshit apologies about how so and so would have loved to have sucked my dick yuk!

I am honestly as the one who went through this EXTREME diving operation that I just escaped with my life man! Good god did it feel like hell before fuck!

I am recovering well living here in the year 2017, I invented a substance for myself to allow my body to flush out Nitrogen and cool me right the fuck down in the process woooooooo!!!!

Please try not to think too much about me – I am glad to be here and am very busy in untying myself plus planning for my future.

All the best guys.

The man formerly known and Nayim.

Step 1.

Wipe the clock face clean – it’s filthy and no one can see!

Step 2: Use the Neutron bomb to black it out! That will instantly move us all into those Lost-style islands. That is scheduled in for the 22’s so in the century 2200 on their clock.