Keep it coming

Fire: occurs in a vacuum, that’s what draws the air in to the flame. So the matches will still light, and it will still go puff! Then my chain goes on and boom I’m ready.

Is that soooo?

Ok so as I’m outside the bed changes into a bed and my key goes on automatically? I just need to have something there to know to do stuff here in other to A) get it cut and B) put it and my chain on


Ok a lot easier to do that way and at least I know that something of that importance will happen anyway. 😊

Ok let’s hear it

So this theory? Num Doh O effect yes? Then elevate up and quantum compute the D, then the DDO…? 

So in other words?:

  1. O
  2. D
  3. OD DO giving HO 
  4. DDO DOD giving infinite long chain HO HO HO….



So they’ve burned off all the samples they had of me: sperm, sweat, urine, shit, hair etc etc….

That was done to cool the place down.

Well that works out perfectly, thank God.

Now you’ll have to build quantum computers and use them all at the same time in order to find out who I am.

Gotta love the way they silenced me too! Damn fuck yeah!!!


That’s what I was from 0-30, a short compound. Short compounds don’t actually exist so yeah…..🤔

Anyways I’m now becoming…… Elemental dun dun dun duuuunn!!!!

Num Doh with the perfect spin of O, that’s what sets me apart from the rest!

Then I can slowly ‘brighten up’ lol! 🤣

Safety thought-key

I got that though:

If you start that change and engineering process now then any negative energy from helium will cause a catastrophic problem genetically. 

So I’ll just wait till we jump up inside this A place then. Up in here up in here….